Master Of Magic with SID sound

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Master Of Magic- SID version

Dear gamers,

this is historically the second ZX game where I added SID music and sounds taken from C64. On ZX Spectrum, the game contains very little of ZX beeper sounds, similar like Monty on the Run. At the same time, the music player routine was very similar to Monty on the Run. So Master of Magic (MOM) was another perfect candidate for adding SID chip to the game. I am to note, that you will hear the SID chip only on machines which support it. Namely it is MB03+ or eLeMeNt ZX.

I got this game almost ready for release late 2021, but then my works were disrupted by the ZX FTP client. Now, I am back, and here is the release.

SID sound in the game
The game contains very little sound effects, only when the main hery, you, is crawling the dungeon. Otherwise the game contains 3 very nice musics by Rob Hubbard.

During the game, press 1, to toggle sound behaviour. The toggle is signalled by the border coulour at the same time:

Blue mute all
Red ZX beeper
Magenta SID music
Green (default) SID music+ ZX beeper
Cyan snapping walking FX+ ZX beeper
Yellow snapping walking FX

The ZX game is much harder than on C64, where your energy and spells are running out very slowly. So I prepared a cheater in BASIC for those of you who want to live longer in the game.

Other changes

- I added BREAK key for quit the game at any time
- I added some loading as well as intro HRXC pictures

To be honest ,the game is a version 1, and it has two problems:

1) In the origial C64 game, there is a snapping sound whenever the hero or his enemy is walking around. I managed to make it only for the hero. Tried hard, but could not figure out how the hack the enemies change their position.

2) SID player routine. It seems to my delicate ears, that the end part of the wining song sound a little litlle little bit different than the original. Tried hard, but could not figure out what is the problem in the player.

Would be nice to have both added or fixed, but both problems seem to be beyond my capabilities. On the other hand, they do not present any obstacle, and can be very hardly be noticed by the player.

3) In several screens from the start, the game loops when meeting a skeleton at certain circumstances. I wanted to fix it, but again I failed. But this is the feature present in the original game too.

Lanex- for his conversion of C64 screens to HRXC format used in the MOM cheater and the game.

Hood 17.1.2023