NMI menu for BS-DOS and eLeMeNt ZX+ MB03+ hardware

version: 1.64
autohor: Hood
release: 14.03.2024
download: version 1.64

news in 1.64:

version: 1.63
autohor: Hood
release: 03.02.2024
download: version 1.63

Version 1.63 adds one substantial feature for every gamer- a feature called safeNMI that has been added in eLeMeNt ZX recently. It enables always 100% safe return from NMI menu when you press Q- quit from the NMI menu.

Since your MB03+ machine starts with safeNMI faeture off, this feature is activated upon first NMI menu start (press of the NMI button) after computer turn on. Thus safeNMI menu feature has been activated. And you may enjoy safe return from nmi menu from now on until the computer will be turned off again.

For my own convenience I however adapted MB03+ booter. Pressing "e" brings you to BSDOS. And I added safeNMI activation here. (I also added keypress "f", which behaves same like "e" but turns ULA+ off). You may download this booter here.

I also prepared a test program (called TST_NMI.TAP in the package) that normally crashes when you enter and then quit NMI menu. With NMI menu 1.63 and safeNMI menu feature activated in eLeMeNt ZX you return normally to it. You find it in the version 1.63 package.

version: 1.62
autohor: Hood
release: 30.12.2023
download: version 1.62

At last I managed to add eLeMeNt ZX joystick port configuration to my nmi menu. It allows to set fully the port. It is very useful for gaming and parties. At the same time I fixed a bug of key I (peripheral reset), which freezed in previous versions.

Install the menu just by running the binary file inside the TAP. Type NEW "nmi162MB03".

Since ver. 1.62, nmi menu need also MB03+ and eLeMeNt ZX hardware.

Deeper info about nmi menu here.