Wifi etc.

released: 1.4.2021

Wifi etc, ver. 0.6- readme 1.4.2021

Author: Hood
Acknowledgements: Lanex, LMN, Busy, Shrek, Peg7g, Nihirash, Martin Borik and others from Slack discussion.
Special thanks: Tim Gilberts and co-authors for their terminal. And Tim, who readily gave us the source code.

This version 0.6 exists as a binary and as a standalone. The binary one is to be flashed with Reflasher utility, under letter F. In MB03+ boot menu, press "W" to run the application. The standalone one works as a standart machine code file. Both versions behave same way and have same functionality.

To the previous version I added:

- wifi status in the upper left corner to display current status (on/off)
- very useful terminal by Bill Gilberts and co-authors
- you can choose on which state of wifi you want to leave (on/off)
- tried to fix a random error when RTC setting returned date with year "1970" - in the source code, there is a conditional assembly to pour out either MB03+ boot flash file or a standalone version

New error codes in ver 0.6
;BC=31=speed 115200 after Set time routine- AT command not sent.
;BC=32=speed 115200= speed in UART not set

RTC settings via Wifi

released: 15.3.2021

RTC settings via Wifi, ver. 0.4 and 0.5- readme 15.3.2021

Author: Hood
Acknowledgements: Lanex, LMN, Busy, Shrek, Peg7g, Nihirash, Martin Borik and others from Slack discussion.

General info:
This utility sets time and date to your RTC chip. The source for very accurate data are NTP servers. So it is all done via wifi module in MB03+ and its AT time related commands.

Functionality of both versions (0.4 and 0.5) is the same. Version 0.4 is standalone utility while 0.5 is specially aimed for use in the MB03+ boot menu.

In 0.5., the file "wifi", included in "sntp_rtc.tap" is a binary file that you may want to place inside Reflasher folder and flash it under letter F. But this will not be neccessarry as it will become a part of the official MB03+ release in the very near future.

Time shift (GMT +/-) is taken from MB03+ from its setup.

Does it solve winter/summer time? No. You have to set your GMT shift manually in the bios setup.

For ZX Element users, the application preserves your selected CPU speed.

Feel free to use or enhance my code, but, please, inform me about it.

Report any errors to me (mstava01(at)gmail.com), or LMN, the author of MB03+ www.128land.com .

Just run it. Press any key to preserve info on the screen before exiting.

Error codes in ver 0.4 and 0.5
;BC=2=ntp server not responding within timeout
;BC=3=wifi not connected to AP
;BC=4=":" not found in raw time&date data
;BC=7= correct time zone not activated
;BC=5=AT_RST command not sent
;BC=6=AT_RST "WIFI DISCONNECT" not returned
;BC=8=AT+CIPSNTPCFG command not accepted
;BC=27=speed management: AT+UART command not sent
;BC=28=speed management: AT command not accepted
;BC=29=speed management: all speeds tested, timeout, fix it in terminal
;BC=30=speed management: failed, probably Wifi module wrongly set,fix in terminal