BSDOS 308 patch, that turns .SEARCH function case insensitive

authors: Busy, Hood
date: 5.2.2021

What does this patch do?
As a BSDOS user you are familiar with .SEARCH function. It is a very quick search and it is case sensitive in its original form. The problem can occur, if you know the file name you are searching for, but in 90% of case do not know if it is in capital or small or combined letters. Then you have to search at least twice to obtain result.

I always wanted to enhance this feature and several days ago during my regular running in the forest I realised it could be done. I asked Busy who supplied as always a smart 30 bytes routine which solves the problem. I found a free place in BSDOS at #22D9, rewrote original call at #D0C to jump to #22D9, an it was solved and finished in 3 days.

Hope, you will find it handy. Enjoy.

Before & after