Terminal- UART2.2f
Release: 2020
Autor: Tim Gilberts & other authors
Download: ver.22f

Dear Wifi users,

this is the first program for Wifi module ESP-01 that emerged for our beloved MB03+. It is a simple, yet powerful enough terminal, that enables you all basic work with your wifi module. I used it a lot for tweaking and teaching how things and commands work.

It is my everyday piece of software, so I recommend you very much.

LMN and me were doing some adaptation to it. LMN did extra speed settings (press EDIT to change speed). I remade the keyboard routine and added cursor up key which invokes command you entered as last. Plus I made work direct data sending, which I used for experiments with TNFS servers, which Spectranet is running on.

This program originated on ZX Next platform, so many acknowledgements to Tim Gilberts and co-authors.

Hood, 21.10.2022